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 An automatic lubrication system (aka Auto greaser or central lubrication system) is the most practical, realistic and cost effective way to increase production and reduce lubrication related wear of machinery.

Depending on the application, the number of lubrication points, the lubricant to be used, required lubrication quantities and dosing frequencies, an automated lubrication system can be designed for almost any equipment used in earthmoving, agriculture, construction and plants. There are also approved OEM installation packages for all the major manufacturers.
Various configurations exists:
  • Single Point Lubricators (Hard or soft grease, usually used at plants)
  • Single Line System (Soft grease system, mainly for on road vehicles)
  • Progressive System (Hard or soft grease system, mainly for off road vehicles)
  • Custom System (Oil or grease system, custom designed to your requirements)
Automatic lubrication systems generally consist of a reservoir, a positive displacement pump, lubricant lines, distributors, metering elements and a control system.
Some of the benefits of automatic lubrication systems are:
  • Your equipment produces more, as less time is spent on manual lubricaion.
  • Reduced breakdowns and wear. Critical wear parts remain lubricated at all times.
  • Save on lubricants. NLGI2 grease can be used and only the right amount of grease at certain frequencies are applied.
  • Save on labour by not paying skilled technicians to carry out menial and repetitive tasks like greasing.
  • Increase the resale value of your equipment.
  • Reduse safety risks. No need for technicians or drivers to reach dangerous lubrication points.
  • A reduction in lubricant consumption also benefits the environment.




Single Line Automatic Lubrication on Truck on road or central lubrication

Automatic Lubrication on Front Loader  or auto greaser

Automatic Lubrication at Plant or factory central lubrication

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