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Harvard™ Bypass Filters
Harvard Bypass FiltersHarvard HousingsHarvard Bypass Filters It is no secret that oil isn’t getting any cheaper and neither are the costs that come with changing it; ie labour, downtime and loss of productivity. By using the Harvard™ bypass filter in your system, you can safely extend your service intervals by four times the standard!!!

Harvard™ filters are unique with their patented non channeling seals that force the oil through the tightly wound fibre media. Not only do they filter down to one micron but they also absorb water, antifreeze and other extraneous particles; often the silent unseen killers of machinery components.

Harvard™ bypass filters cater for most oil circuit applications:

  • with spin-on filters (with a standardised thread size to fit most bypass filter housings)
  • with larger cartridge filters (capable of longer service intervals than the spin-on)
  • with stand alone mobile filter system for hydraulic applications (with its own pump so that you can filter the system while other maintenance is taking place without running the machine).

Harvard™ filters are the practical solutions to cutting your long term servicing and maintenance costs.

Please see the website http://www.harvardcorp.com

Harvard Bypass Filters
Harvard Bypass FiltersHarvard Bypass FiltersHarvard Bypass Filters


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